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Like most businesses, The Decor Cabinet Company was born from an idea. When it was established back in 1977 in the small southern town of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, that belief was to create cabinets customers would enjoy and be able to create a lifetime of warm family memories against a backdrop of cabinetry that reflects their values and lifestyle.

Decor operates two modern production facilties and a showroom with the latest innovations in cabinetry based in Morden and its expanding dealer network is spreading throughtout Canada and the USA.  Modern facilities, quality materials, excellent equipment, and a comprehensive staff training have created a highly-skilled workforce that is able to produce a superior product.

We believe our success lies in developing and maintaining good relationships - with our customers, our dealers, our staff, our suppliers and our local and global community.  Decor is dedicated to support various organizations that give help to the needy, lend a hand to those in trouble, and teach values that remind us to show compassion to our neighbor.  That is just a part of what makes Decor undeniably different.

Developing meaningful relationships with our dealers and providing excellent customer service solidifies our growing presence in the marketplace. The demand for our many styles and creative finishes has opened up new opportunities for marketing as we are constantly innovating to stay on the cutting edge of technology and design.

Continuing to Stay on Top of the Market

With Decor’s creative finishes, the company services a niche market in the Kitchen and Bath industry that continues to expand. Glazing and Furniture finishing are just some of the latest staining techniques. While other finishes such as distressing, stainless steel inserts and linen textures have the industry racing to find the latest technique. Our finishing department creates many of these unique looks through careful hand processes that show our dedication to quality is second to none.

A new office has been developed to support current and future growth. Modern facilities, quality materials and comprehensive employee training have created a highly-skilled work force that is able to produce a superior product for a demanding market. We have been among the top 20 fastest growing companies in the province of Manitoba in the last few years.

Decor Cabinets celebrates over 28 years of business success. This milestone is a tribute to the hard work of our employees. Over the years, Decor has realized that the success of the company hinges on the development and training of employees. Knowing that a knowledgeable and skilled staff is vital to our growing business, we have poured our energy and resources into their training. We are working diligently to create a work environment where our employees will find enjoyment and significance in the workplace. Our aim is to continue to be an employer of choice in our community.

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